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Balckyball News
Check in and see what is new with Balckyball Productions and www.balckyball.com.

Holy Cow! Balckyball.com has been updated again! Well, after computer problems and hosting password errors, we are back up and running. Look for more changes in the next month.

Balckyball.com agrees to move corporate headquarters from Newport Beach, CA to a larger facility in Ladera Ranch, a new area within Mission Viejo, CA.

Soares wins city council position.
After Balckyball.com announced its support of Rick Soares for Elk Grove City Council, the former World Wrestling Champion walked to an easy victory, landing one of the five open seats. Rick has now been named Vice-Mayor for the city of Elk Grove.

Balckyball.com announces newest Fantasy Game, NCAA Tournament Challenge III. Each participant will pay $30 and the overall winner will get a great big pot of cold hard cash! Last years champion, Alan Maxwell, is really short.

Playboy.com selects Balckyball.com as a partner and affiliate. :) Part of the deal negotiated, three Playmates will attend the Annual Balckyball Pentathlon in the Summer of 2000! Yahooooo!!

Balckyball.com has officially endorsed Rick Soares for the position of Elk Grove city council. With Rick's past successes, charming personality and movie star looks there were no other viable candidates to consider. With Rick at the helm there is no telling where this small city can go.
E-commerce finds Balckyball.com!!! The BalckyMall has been introduced has an easy, convenient and safe place for all Balckyball visitors to do their online shopping.

Balckyball.com introduces the EZ Polls. A different poll will be featured 2-3 times throughout the month to gather the true opinions of the site's browsers on a number of topics.

Balckyball.com introduces the Balckyboard. An area of the site where a number of topics can be discussed, fantasy sports, stocks, what the hell is balckyball.com, etc.

Balckyball Productions releases www.balckyball.com to the public. The web site features Fantasy Football, Pigskin Pickem, Hot Stocks, and much more. The staff at BBP has a number of other features they plan to release on the site in the near future. Internet Jousts and Rippers are just a few of the new areas that will be introduced.

Balckyball Productions present the 1st Annual Balckyball Pentathlon. The event showcased some of the World's Best Athletic Talent in a one day, five sport competition. Golf, Hoops, Football, Bowling, & a Wild Card Event. The field consisted of eight two-man teams (16 participants), teammates were randomly chosen on the eve of the Pentathlon.

Derek Halpern and Marc Harvey, The Synchronized Swimmers, took the overall championship.



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