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The Good The Bad $$$ Final Standings
January 4, 2000
Associated Press


Phil Malametenios beat all odds and became the first rookie picker to be crowned Balck's Pigskin Pickem Champion (not including the inaugural season). After building a large lead with three weeks to go, Phil held off many challengers and finished with a six point margin of victory. The Macker, a nickname given to him by slobber faced girls, was a rookie to Balck's Pigskin Pickem but has competed in a number of other football pools and has been an athlete his whole life. Besides playing soccer occasionally, Phil competes on the men's National Synchronized Swimming team and can be seen weekly at his ballroom dancing classes.

When The Macker, from Grass Valley, CA, was informed of his victory he had the following to say "So the rookie manages to take down all the veteran pigskin pickers. Pretty pathetic and actually rather embarrassing. Maybe next year they will offer a pee wee pick'em for all the people who could not even beat Johnnie Dipstick, at least it might be fair and offer a chance to those who are truly clueless when it comes to the NFL. All you can ask for is an equal playing field because you are obviously outclassed in this league. Where is my check?" Once again a Balck's Pigskin Pickem Champion steps up to his throne cocky, self assured and ready to talk smack about all of the other pickers.

Speaking of past years, where did previous champions end up in this years pool? Pigskin Pickem II Champion Andy Creager made an incredible charge at the end of the year and finished tied for 3rd place. Pigskin Pickem I Champion, The King Picker (Chris Balck) also made a late season rally and finished tied for 7th place.

Additional Info:
The final touchdown pass by the 49ers on Monday Night Football shook up the final Top Ten seedings. With spots 2-9 separated by four picks, JJ Stokes last minute grab changed the final outcome and put money in some people's pockets while taking it out of other's pockets. Jim Young made another strong showing in 99 even though he moved away from his mommy and finished tied with Kid Creager for 3rd place. Andy's incredibly late season charge included three weeks of double digit picks in the final five weeks. Mike Pardi and the Hutton Boys tied for 5th place, just barely sneaking into the Top Five. Jason 'The Jersey Jackoff' DeFrancesco finished off an impressive season with a 2nd place finish. He gave Phil a run for his money but his midget hips and sausage fingers became swollen and slowed him down in the final weeks.

Congratulations to all Top Five finishers!! Thank you to everyone for playing, I hope you enjoyed this season. I am looking forward to seeing you all back next season!

The Good The Bad $$$ Final Standings


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