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Balckyball Stock Pick for the Week:


Ramp Networks (RAMP: ticker)

Ramp Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of shared Internet access solutions for the small office market. The WebRamp product family allows multiple users in a small office to share the same Internet connection simultaneously while optimizing each user's access speed. The Company's WebRamp product family is a flexible and scalable platform that provides software-based routing and bridging functionality to deliver Internet-enabled applications and services.

This stock has been beaten up quite a bit lately, but with the possibility of favorable news on the horizon, look for this stock to get back to the $20-something range by month end. HOWEVER, this stock is not to be held long-term and investors should take profits when their desired return is achieved. Current Stock Price: $14.00

*A Balckyball Financial Analyst Profile will be available soon.

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Research this stock and others at Yahoo Finance.



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