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Balckyball Stock Pick for the Week:


Red Hat, Inc. (RHAT:ticker)

Ticker: RHAT Red Hat, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of open source software products and services, and has built a comprehensive web site dedicated to the open source software community. Red Hat Linux is the Company's principal product. Since its introduction in 1994, Red Hat Linux has emerged as one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems in the world. Redhat.com is a leading online source of information and news about open source software and one of the largest online communities of open source software users and developers. This stock has been getting crushed in the last several weeks but unjustifiable so. In a recent article written in Business Week, Robert Young was recognized for his excellent managerial abilities and how successful RHAT plans to be in the future. The 52-week high/low for this stock is 20 - 151 5/16. At its current price of $94, look for this stock to rebound in the up and coming months. Recommendation: Strong Buy/Market Outperform.

The Balckyball Analyst is interested in any feedback you may have regarding his stock picking abilities. Also, he is available for free advice regarding stocks, options, 401k accounts and mutual funds.
Contact his at: investment_advice@yahoo.com

*A Balckyball Financial Analyst Profile and stats sheet will be available soon.

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Research this stock and others at Yahoo Finance.


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